It’s better to show you our before and after photos then just talk about them! See them below.

Hudson Valley Renovation

Living room paneling got a fresh coat of white paint, new windows and fan.

Fireplace large stones were removed to open the space for more natural light then we added funky tiles that add lots of personality.

This kitchen was in dire need of a remodel so we brightened it up with clean modern cabinets then warmed it up with terracotta tiles.

The entry also got a fresh coat of white paint, the railings were updated to code and architecturally upgraded plus other design elements were added.


57th Street Beauty

My Upper East Side clients got a major upgrade on their rental.


Garfield Brownstone

This brownstone’s architecture was already beautiful so we added other design elements to add my client’s personality.

Sugarsuckle Bakery

The space was completely bare and we not created a completely new layout, added plumbing and created a “sweet” multi-functional space for her and her clients.